About the Artist

Artist’s Statement

My printmaking and painting is always in process, often unveiling itself to me in fits and starts. However, the constant stream running through my artwork is the connection to the natural world with its infinite and subtle variety of line, color and pattern. Collagraph printmaking is especially meaningful as it combines collage with the physical process of inking, rubbing and finally pulling the print. My love of the art process is best described by author, Willa Cather

                  …”the irregular and intimate quality of things made entirely by human hands.”

It is that intimate quality I hope to convey through my work that becomes a conduit for the unspoken conversation between artist and viewer.

2 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Only because my work is the focus, not me.
    Finally after a dry spell, I have finished a new piece. Like many artists in a dry period, I feel that the muse has fled never to return. However, she’s always there waiting until I find my way back from the endless distractions of life. So now, step by step, I ease myself into the creative groove. I have a small show opening next week and have begun a new plate. Looking to a great 2015.

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